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It all started in 1984 when Litchfield International brought clic, the first thermoplastic auto-locking support and hanger to the USA. At the time, this was a revolutionary invention and a departure from the norm of steel hangers.

Becoming the first and only plastic item in the hardware category brought significant challenges in mindset and questions of plastics in construction.

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Litchfield developed accessories and related products to make the device more Americanized and useful to those in the field. Beginning in the electrical business, Litchfield added a network of agencies to develop the market.

Morphing into the plumbing and mechanical industry, the company developed a second network of agents and family of distributors. Momentum built.

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Being number 1 made the device the top target. Companies both large and small based in USA and Europe created similar items some with additional products and some without. So the marketing competition began.

self-locking conduit clamp

Litchfield offered distributors, engineers, contractors the best market support. Years of sampling and advertising obtained the most prestigious projects and specifications.

auto locking pipe support

It happened in 2011 when Litchfield received numerous shipments of malfunctioning product. After months of pulling product from the markets, Litchfield’s sales manager decided to replace items in order to retain its customers. Hangerlok was born in several sizes. At the same time, he understood that Litchfield’s time was limited with clic. The full product range development began with leading mold builders, solidworks engineers, graphic and web designers, banks, and equipment finance companies, and injection molders.

Hangerlok, creating one job at a time. A theme that has been ringing true. The product launch began in January 2014.

Litchfield and Hangerlok gained UL approval under UL Standard 2239 in March of 2014.

The reasons are many and quite simple. First of all, it is the right thing to do. It keeps jobs in the United States. It is time to get involved. Let’s get your first Hangerlok order placed and start on a better path to profits.

Selling Hangerlok brings good profit margins. It is not like all your commodities which you take orders for thin margins. One makes good margins by finding products that need to be sold easily, and with a simple sales story.


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