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Here is our new hanger offering for electrical conduit, cable systems, pipe, and tubing systems to include pex and stainless steel tubing

Hangerlok was introduced in several sizes in 2011 as a replacement product to one from Europe.

It was developed by Litchfield International of USA who brought the first thermoplastic support and hanger to the United States in 1984.

self-locking pipe hanger

Hangerlok has a significant benefit package.

One piece auto-locking design that uses the push-n-lock technology. It saves labor units at a cost effective solution. It is made in the USA using American resin.

One man can install 3 inch pipe with Hangerlok.

auto locking pipe support

UV inhibitor used in it giving it the ral color.

Hangerlok, creating one job at a time. A theme that has been ringing true. The product launch began in January 2014.

Litchfield and Hangerlok gained UL approval under UL Standard 2239 in March of 2014.

The reasons are many and quite simple. First of all, it is the right thing to do. It keeps jobs in the United States. It is time to get involved. Let’s get your first Hangerlok order placed and start on a better path to profits.

Selling Hangerlok brings good profit margins. It is not like all your commodities which you take orders for thin margins. One makes good margins by finding products that need to be sold easily, and with a simple sales story.


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