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Hangerlok – Serving multiple markets around the world

Serving Multiple Global Markets Litchfield International has been serving the following markets for over three decades. Hangerlok is an American made hanging solution, that is both affordable, corrosion resistant and proven to last. HangerLok is a new and improved series of one piece pipe hanger, auto-locking pipe hanger / self-locking pipe hanger and self locking…

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Litchfield International Builds A Better Building with Hangerlok

Hangerlok USA finds a home in the facilities piping market Litchfield International, Litchfield CT, has been serving the construction and engineering communities since 1984. Litchfield’s proprietary product line, Hangerlok®, is used in the piping market within the US for numerous applications. Those applications include: engineered piping systems, heating systems, flexible piping, potable water systems, industrial…

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