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Designed to simplify, streamline and secure a wide range of industry piping and conduit systems.

Hangerlok was developed to bring greater performance to construction, OEM, design projects and the engineering community.

Having the marketing and engineering knowledge of decades in these markets, the people who brought you the first thermoplastic support hanger, developed Hangerlok to improve function and performance driven application needs.

Using experienced designers, Solidworks engineers, independent testing parties to provide substantial data and improved design, Hangerlok was created.

Improved materials offer improved performance and broader application opportunities. Using a Nylon 6/ 6 polymer, Hangerlok can be used inside facilities and also exposed areas. Using both a UV inhibitor and a flame retardant, Hangerlok is durable and halogen free. It is by far the best material for this product type.

Being UV resistant along with it’s non-conductive qualities, Hangerlok’s versatility makes it a must have one piece pipe hanger and conduit support system.

Over the years of selling the original auto-locking support and hanger, materials changed that did not meet market demands and certain applications. There needed to be a better product and Hangerlok met that need.